The Dream Team and The Dream Product

There was a problem with many video software’s; the market was saturated with complaints about videos not showing on their computers and I felt I had the solution. I had plenty of times thought of a video software that could handle the most audio and video compression methods and file formats including DVD and VCD streaming formats. In my head I wanted it to be the best and give it out for free, my way of changing the world.

I first hired a team of three experts on code (one software technician, one developer and one that created a specialty with SEO Modesto), and informed them on the dream I had. Our first decision as a team was to select our programming language which was easily resulted to java script. Dreamweaver was our editor of choice. As I came from a shoestring budget, I wanted the programming language used to be self-sufficient and not include a third party program to inter-prate it, this was dependent on the programming language and I made that abundantly clear to the whole team included in the creation process.

I then divided the team into parts, some would learn the program language as others used the information to come up with a working prototype. To me this would be a sign of success, as a working prototype would mean a potentially working software. We locked our self in my apartment for weeks, only coming out for a bit of sun during the day. Food was delivered to the apartment and sleeping was anywhere exhaustion caught up with an individual.

I remember the day the prototype worked, after spending weeks coding, Amir our chief java technician came in shouting, “it works it works,” the feeling was amazing. The software could play nearly every format available in the market, from MP4 to VOB to FLV formats. The next order of business was alpha testing. This was a tricky part because even though we had non-disclosure agreements all-ready for the alpha testers, if they violated the agreements and sold the idea to some big co operations, we couldn’t raise the legal fee to sue for theft of intellectual property. With this in mind I chose three campus students who were good in software engineering. After singing the agreement, not to disclose any information regarding the software to anyone, were immediately put to work.

A myriad of bugs were reported, and it was more weeks of constant caffeine and coding, the biggest problem being a p1 bug that threatened all we had worked for, and if not for Amir, the software would have failed at this stage. As the alpha testers did all they could to show the bugs with our software, we were adding up features, we made the software in such a way that one could take still images while the movie or video was in progress. Connecting to the internet would give the user a choice of even downloading videos via the software.

At the beta testing stage, everything went smoothly and the group of students we allowed to work with the software all had positive views apart from minor p4 bugs that were reported.

We launched the software via internet and the first day downloads were amazing, given that it was free I felt like I had done a little bit of my part in changing the world.